Pineapple Pin *NEW*

Our latest addition to our playground pin series : Pineapple (Ong Lai!). Though the Pineapple playground did not garner as much attention as the iconic dragon playground, personally it still remains as one of our most loved playgrounds.


We shot this photo in 2009 at Pasir Ris, using expired 35mm film with a Nikon F50. Unfortunately this playground has been demolished, we’re not sure when, but we tried re-visiting it 2 weeks ago but it was gone.

We now have 7 different brooch designs under the Playground Series brooches. See them all by clicking here.

These series of products are fashioned after Singapore’s Iconic old school mosaic playgrounds (circa 1970/1980). 

Mosaic Playground Totes *NEW*

Fashioned after Singapore’s Iconic old school mosaic playgrounds (circa 1970/1980). The playground was our school, our imagination, our friend; life lessons were learnt through bruises gathered from knocking against colourful mosaic tiles, by scraping our knees falling on gritty sandpits, the feeling of sand between our toes. Did you guys know that the Dragon playground located at 28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, is currently being preserved? The four blocks of HDB flats surrounding it are to be torn down, but we’re so glad the dragon playground managed to escape this demolition.

Totes available in 3 designs:
• Dragon
• Elephant
• Pelican

Available now at our online store

Uncle Lawrence

Uncle Lawrence



the little dröm store





Memory Makers – Forget Me Not

Our Singapore Autograph Book project/exhibition titled – “Forget Me Not" (a collaboration between the little dröm store & graphic designer Joanne Lim) is documented under “irememberSG" by National Library Board under this episode of "Memory Makers”.

Here, you’ll get to meet Uncle Lawrence Lim – Joanne’s uncle, whose autograph book contribution was a real gem because it was from the 1950s! You’ll also hear from Phoebe (of Carpenter and Cook), and also one half of the little dröm store’s owner – Stanley, about their thoughts on Singapore’s infamous 90’s autograph book movement.

Playground Plushies

Dragon & Pelican plushies, fashioned after Singapore’s iconic mosaic playgrounds in the 80’s.

Silkscreen & hand sewn on calico canvas fabric.

New at our physical & online store:

Kiddy Ride 摇摆车 postcard set

A set of 9 postcards to recollect the simple joys of a 20cent Kiddy Ride. Available at both our physical and online store

Kiddy rides 摇摆车

We have been working hard the past few months to launch our last project for 2013 - The Kiddy Ride Series. It’s amazing how much joy a 20 cent coin could bring back then.

Our series of kiddy ride pins are now available at both our physical and online store.

of little recollections pins

new and available at both our physical and online store.

Mr. Khor

Remember our post on the day where we met Mr. Khor, the mastermind/designer behind Singapore’s iconic mosaic playgrounds?

We brought along our film camera then, loaded with expired film. Few days back, we had that roll of 35mm film processed + developed and we’re super surprised and in love with the color tones! These shots shown here were some of the photos that were being developed – they really take on those faded color tones, reminiscing of our childhood nostalgia ya?

The colours to these photos almost seem like they have been dug out from our parent’s old photo albums, circa 1980’s, but these were taken in 2013 instead!

We really love the end results to these expired film, and we really love Mr Khor’s smile in the first photo :)

Forget Me Not totes

Remember the good old days of penning your thoughts and impressions of your classmates upon school graduation?

From composing friendship verses, farewell poems, folding dog-ears with secret messages, carefully styling your profile page with fluorescent highlighters, colourful markers and metallic pens, to your sincere attempts at describing your friend’s personality by linking attributes to the alphabets of their names… we did them all!

We hope this exhibition will take you down memory lane as you reminisce on those sweet memories at school. “Forget Me Not” is a collaboration between local designer Joanne Lim, and the little dröm store.

These tote bags are available at the little dröm store, and on our online store too.

Forget Me Not (Behind the scenes)

Here’s Jo, hard at work, behind the scenes! Painstakingly checking and making sure that every art print is flawless. Drawing carefully on our window glass display with her incredible typography.

Hand-screened art prints, tote bags, notebooks, cards with Jo’s typography designs are for sale as well. Art prints are screened in limited pieces only, and are all hand signed by Jo herself, what a treat! We hope you drömmers will pop by to check this exhibition out, it starts tomorrow!

27 May to 30 June 2013
the litle dröm store
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069 791

Contributors include:
• Diane & Ivan from By Airmail
• Charlene from The Uniform
• Phoebe from Carpenter and Cook
• Michelle from MIMIPONG
• Karyn
• Joanne Lim
• Yvonne
• Chris

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